Welcome to your next GoPro fishing adventure.

Welcome to your next GoPro fishing adventure.

Welcome to your next GoPro fishing adventure.Welcome to your next GoPro fishing adventure.

The Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas Dream Vacations

We always wanted to go to the Bahamas on a family trip. We wanted to see and experience the azure blue waters, white sand beaches, feast on lobster tails, and swim with the pigs. Wait... What? Yes, swim with the pigs.Swimming pigs or regular pigs; I didn't care. I grew up on a farm and we had about thirty pigs. About the same number as on Exuma islands. Guess who had to clean up after the pigs... No wonder I didn't understand my daughter's fascination with the idea, but agreed anyway...


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Best vacations. White sand beaches, and swimming pigs. Are you interested?

The perfect vacation and the swimming pigs

The five of us decided to go on a once in a lifetime vacation. My wife and I decided to involve our kids in the decision making process and not to force our preferences on them. My wife always wanted to go to the Bahamas and I always wanted to go to Hawaii. The price was the same, the flight was much longer to Hawaii from Toronto. The Bahamas also had pigs. In the ocean. Swimming. My daughter, Erika, found this so amusing that she was strongly leaning toward the Bahamas option. I don't remember anymore what was the exact deciding factor, but we picked the Bahamas as our destination. 

After a short flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we have arrived and landed at a tiny airport on the Island of Exuma. We had rented a house right by the ocean and after we have gathered all of our luggage and rented a car, drove to our home-away from home. The small resort was only a five minute drive from the airport. We saw glimpses of the ocean as we drove on the narrow roads and on the wrong side, like in England. The ocean was the most mesmerizing shade of blue that I have ever seen. After all of the anticipation and dreaming of white sand beaches, palm trees, and warm, caressing ocean water; we have arrived.


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